about the moon

hey guys
since i wont be posting that many normal posts, i figured id just let you know i didnt suddenly abandon tumblr or died which is probably the same thing

so yeah today we went to firenze or florence or fiorentina or whatever you want to call it, and it was totally fucking rad. i fucking love italy and i might go here for 6 months (ive had that idea for about 2/3 years now) after high school but im not sure yet

btw ill be back around august 3rd, until then ill post a lot less, but probably not nothing if that sentence makes sense to you



Ringo, get your crayons, we’ve got a job for you.

John Lennon, when he heard that The Beatles would be making the cartoon film Yellow Submarine. (via uncuntcious)

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you have a lovely blog

Thank you so much!! Same goes to you! I’ve been following you for a long time :) 🍻 to our awesome mutualfollowfriendship ~✌️